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Skyland Fire Department: ISO Class 2 Rating

In an effort to lower the insurance rates for property owners in Skyland Fire District, Skyland Fire Department has strived to maintain and improve the insurance rating for the Fire District. The insurance rating affects the property owner’s insurance premium or how much each owner pays toward insurance. The insurance rates are on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest resulting in the highest premiums and 1 being the lowest resulting in the lowest premiums. In the state of North Carolina, the Department of Insurance / Office of State Fire Marshal rates the fire departments on the efficiency of the department in handling fires through analyzing water systems, equipment, training, personnel, and response. Skyland Fire Department was graded by these standards in March of 2022 and was awarded a class 2 rating in June of 2022, which will be effective October 1, 2022. 

Skyland Fire Department has continuously worked toward reducing the cost to property owners since 1982. Starting at a class 9 rating, going to a class 6 and eventually obtained a class 5 rating in 1983 which reduced the homeowner’s insurance premiums by approximately 50%. Since 1983 Skyland Fire Department has maintained a class 5 rating until achieving a class 4 rating in 2002 and the a class 3 rating in 2016. After the evaluation in 2022 Skyland is now pleased to offer a Class 2 rating.

The rating process is very extensive in the items which are analyzed on a points system. The point system is on a scale of 100 with 10% allotted for communications and dispatch, 40% allotted for water supply and 50% for the fire department.

Water supply applies to the water system (the water mains and hydrants) or the fire departments ability to provide a portable water system through the use of tankers. Many fire departments will have split ratings which will result in lower ratings or insurance if your property is within 1000 feet of a hydrant and higher rates if you are not. Skyland Fire Department wanted to reduce the rates for all owners whether they lived 1000 feet from a hydrant or two miles away from a hydrant. This required proper equipment and assistance from other agencies to accommodate the same protection for the non-hydrant areas.

The fire department covers equipment, training, and personnel. The equipment measures a fire department ability to ensure they have all the required equipment for each apparatus and personnel. Training is measured by how many training hours each individual has in each category, to receive the maximum amount of points each person paid or volunteer would have to obtain 320 hours per year in 9 categories. Personnel is measured by how many personnel you have available (paid staff) and how many you have that response to calls (volunteers).Communications and dispatch measures the ability of the 911 systems to receive and dispatch calls and the communications equipment at the station.

The insurance rating being broken down into 10 different classes will create savings with a lower rating for homeowners from class 9 to 6. From class 6 to 1 the only savings will be to industry which is at a rate of approximately 8% per class for the industry with less than a 3500gpm fire flow or approximately a 35,000 square foot building. Industry or businesses requiring more than 3500gpm fire flow or over 35,000 square feet are normally rated independently by the insurance company which will still take into account the rating of the fire department.

Fire protection systems also play a major role in insurance premiums and the reduction of costs such as sprinklers, smoke detectors, and alarm systems. If you are interested in reducing your premium cost by fire protection systems, it is best to contact your insurance company to determine which systems will improve your insurance premiums.

Industries and businesses in the Skyland Fire District should contact their insurance company to take full advantage of the new classification rate. Skyland Fire Department will continue through education, training and updated equipment to provide the best protection available to the citizens and property owners in Skyland Fire District. Questions regarding insurance rating or how to ensure better protection from fires can be addressed by Skyland Fire Department at 684-6421.

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